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Parker Pen- An effective Corporate Personalized Gift        

As a pen, Parker is a reputed brand. There are many fitting ways to describe it but something every Parker user acknowledges is the continuous innovation that has kept up with time and gives memorable experience to the users.

We remember Parker pens for its reputation of excellence, smooth writing it provides and the brand name, synonymous with elegance. The facts can be accentuated with personification of the gifts. One can choose from different product range of the Parker to fit one’s budget and image.

The Gift & Paper Company offers two affordable range; Urban and IM, both ball point and roller ball available. With a nice gift box that makes it a very presentable gift.


How to personify

The pen can be personified by printing the name of the organization or owner on it. There are 3 methods for putting names or logos on the pen; Screen Printing, engraving or crown emblem.

Engraving is a classy common method, which befits the pen leaving the end result still looking as good as the pen.

Besides just printing or engraving on the surface of the pen, another way of achieving an even classier look would be to custom make the holder or clip of the pen with your logo. We call this the emblem.

Making an emblem maybe the most expensive of the 3 methods but it does make the pen more unique and exquisite.


Significant of personification

Parker pen is very good writing equipment. More than a pen it is generally considered an extension of personality of the owner. The dignity of the innovative nature of the pen extends on the personality and the transcending belief that the owner will also be consistent and pursuer of excellence like the emblem he/she carries.

With logo or emblem on a Parker reflects on the company for quality, precision and excellence.

With such a pen, the marketing dollar stretches more as a Parker is a lifelong writing instrument. Such a personification on the Parker would bring awareness and maintain presence of your company for years to come.




Moleskine notebook - How do you personalize your Moleskine notebook?


Moleskine is an iconic brand that tells a story and creates connections to a heritage of art, literature and culture. Moleskine notebooks are legendary among writers, artists, and thinkers.

With its iconic design elements, rich story and creative possibilities, a customized Moleskine object becomes a powerful tool for corporate storytelling, brand positioning and communication, allowing businesses, institutions and organizations to share its unique values.

A customized Moleskine product becomes a unique tool for communicating with your desired audience. By several means one can personalize Moleskine notebook.


Front Cover

First impression of a book is its cover. A great design always leaves a good impression. Embossing the brand name and logo on front cover makes the notebook stand and tells something about it.

Logo or the identity of your brand imprinted by using corporate pantone color is another elegant way of declaring oneself. With silk screening, this is possible for cases of complex logo or designs. Debossing of logo on cover in different colors glossy black, glossy red, silver, gold, varnish and other colors are available.

The cover is where one tells a story about one’s organization, values, and a reflection of one’s business. Whatever you want to say, your name, your business slogan, your aim anything can be put with little style on the cover. Remember you are putting your personality on these notebooks. Do it thoroughly. Get a view of few examples of customized cover design from The Gift and Paper Company.


End Pages

The name, address, company contacts, company’s mission or message can be added on the front -end page of notebook. Available technique is silk screening. Company’s history or success story can be described in picture post card and that one can insert into expandable back pocket. It is an amazing way to tempt or entice your future customer towards your business. Some business images also authenticate the credibility of the owner, so you can add photo of your international deal or the global partnership agreement with an MNC. Some images works better than thousand words.


Paper band

The paper band wrapping around the Moleskin is another item to customize. It can be brightly printed in the background to attract and the logo or business icon on the foreground works wonder.

We, The Gift And Paper Company, is the official sole B2B distributor of Moleskine products in Singapore and Malaysia.  We offer customize option for notebook, journal and pens. Select from assorted cover color, style and size, and then add your personal presentation to personalize. Moleskine notebook is always a great gift for everyone.